Monday, September 05, 2005

THE BUSH SPIN: why don't I feel reassured?

According to the Bush administration spin doctors: (1) it's the locals, not us and (2) it isn't about race and class.

But let's look at both premises a bit more closely:

(1) If your local government doesn't help you, we won't - According to the Bush folks, the problem is those pesky state and local officials. But isn't that why we have Homeland Security and FEMA? Because we know the locals cannot do it all? So now I have to worry and wonder whether my local officials have it together, because if they don't, the cavalry never comes? Then where have the billions the feds have spent on our security gone to?

(2)We will neglect everyone's safety equally - So all of us white people with a bit of money can rest assured that we'll find ourselves stranded for days without food or water? Why don't I find that thought comforting?

All I know is that FEMA did a pretty good job on the hurricanes in Florida the past couple years. You know, Florida, where Bush's brother is governor -- the state Bush desperately needed to win last November to remain in his job.

Is the real issue that the Bush folks only save people in the swing states?


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