Tuesday, September 06, 2005


  1. (1) Phase 2 - The challenges ahead in re-building the Gulf are almost as big as the ones last week.

  2. (2) More hurricanes this year - The updated forecast issues August 5 predicts hurricane activity 150% of normal.

  3. (3) The terrorist threat - Maybe Osama bin Laden thinks he doesn't have to bother hitting us now. But if he has the means and the opportunity, he might want to see us reeling from a one-two punch.

  4. (4) Bird flu - Experts warn that a flu pandemic isn't just possible but inevitable.

  5. (5) Setting the right tone - We are a country that wasted untold amounts of Congressional time worrying about embryos and Terry Schiavo, while patting ourselves on our collective backs for caring so much about life. Meanwhile, we left tens of thousands of our citizens at risk.

We impeached Bill Clinton for having an affair and lying about it. What about a president who told us he'd keep us safe and didn't?

Isn't it time we expended a little effort right now finding out which bozos deserve to be fired so we aren't back here again in a few weeks wondering why?

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