Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Estropundit videoblogs

I am now videoblogging for The Detroit News (you can find me and my dog Schmoopsie in the upper right-hand section of the page at http://info.detnews.com/weblog). Archived links are listed below:

Bonnie & Schmoops tackle Social Security - 2-28-05 - I end up fighting Schmoopsie for her Alpo.

Bonnie and Schmoopsie go Hollywood - 2-24-05 - Lending support to Chris Rock and raising questions about Republicans in the closet.

Bonnie and Schmoopsie ask Don Rumsefld a few questions - 2-16-05 - Inquiring minds want to know.

Bonnie discovers discarded treasures at the Pentagon - 2-14-05 - I find Jeff Gannon's disarded press pass and Wonkette's martini snifter.

1 comment:

Lisa Harper said...

Wow! I'm blown away. You are good! Good luck with the videoblogged politcal commentary. Can't want to see more. And I usually stay away from politics. Can I get you every morning in my feed reader?