Sunday, January 23, 2005

Time to pardon Dr. Death?

Coming up on the second anniversary of my mother's death, I hear her voice asking me to remind people that Jack Kevorkian remains a political prisoner in Michigan.

Kevorkian was my mother's hero, willing to fight for her right to die. Mother was ill for decades and terrified of dying in agony. Doctors who say all pain is controllable are flatly lying. Many doctors are also afraid to give patients enough pain medication because of our misguided War on Drugs.

My mother ultimately found that she had an "off" switch -- all she had to do was stop taking her meds and she died a peaceful death a week later. But what about those of us who have no such switch? Why should religious extremists deny us the right to end our lives as we choose?

I heard lots of talk this week about how we value freedom. Democracy not theocracy. If so, will you join me in asking asking our governor to spend some of her political capital on freeing Jack Kevorkian now?

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