Sunday, January 23, 2005

A flat tax the rich don't like

With all the talk about the need to fix Social Security, Tim Russert asked Republican House Ways and Means chair Bill Thomas why we don't just remove the cap on wages above $90,000 that are currently exempt from the Social Security tax.

Thomas quickly cut Russert off, saying, "Well, my argument, of course, is why even bother looking at the payroll tax? That was a solution in the 1940s and the 1950s."

Ah, yes, the Forties, Fifties and Sixties. An era when real wages were rising, there was hope of reducing the gap between rich and poor and corporations were taxed at rates more than double what they are today, easing the tax burden on working families.

Thomas instead wants to explore "solutions" such as cutting Social Security benefits to women since they live longer. (He coveniently forgets the part about how women earn less along the way.)

"I don't think anything should be above being looked at," Thomas insisted. Anything, that is, except forcing the rich to pay their fair share.


fm_illuminatus said...

Anyone who it counting on social security is a sucker and a fool... or simply uneducated. Social security WILL NOT PAY FOR RETIREMENT!!! I feel like I need to scream that to the millions of Americans who "fight the social security fight" today while never bothering to contribute a dime to their 401K/403b/IRA. What kind of idiot thinks the government is going to remember his/her retirement 40 years from now? We need abolish social security (and the stupid tax tied to it) now! (Of course finish paying out benefits to people that qualify today) So people can learn how to save instead of counting on the promise of spending MY tax dollars to justify buying things today that they really can't afford.

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