Thursday, December 16, 2004

The answer: 4 minutes 36 seconds

And the question?

How long was I able to shoot video at the subway station at Reagan Airport in DC before the cop showed up to ask me what I was doing?

"Is it against the law to shoot video here?" I asked.

"It's legal as long as you don't use a tripod," he responded. Huh?

On my return trip, I hauled out the trusty videocamera at the airport in Detroit and succeeded in scaring the hell out of my fellow travelers. I left my camera case open and walked 15 feet away to shoot people on the moving walkway. By the time I returned a minute or two later, my seatmates had demanded that the gate attendant get a security guard to come check me out. "Everyone's a junior security expert today," he whispered to me.

For a country that has not suffered a terrorist act since 9/11, we sure are jumpy.

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