Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why the surprise?

So Bush bumped Colin to install Condo and told her to clean house. The Dems are not only surprised but horrified. Horrified I can understand. Surprised, no.

Only the Dems think that there is intrinsic virtue in bipartisanship. The Bush folks have a world view beyond just winning, so they are eager to make it happen whenever they get an opening. The Dems forget that the job of the opposition party is to make a case for a different path. Make the case well enough and you win the next election. Then when it is your turn to govern, you push like hell to change the course of the ship of state to further your view.

What's broken is that we have Dem party leaders who forget that Bill Clinton's tepid DLC Republican Lite strategy did not win the hearts and minds of the people. It worked only when Ross Perot siphoned off Republican votes in far greater numbers than Ralph Nader ever cost Al Gore.

Hoping for another corporate whack job to play spoiler is not a winning strategy. Standing for something other than corporate greed and fear of heaven and hell at least offers us a choice.

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frederik urshgur said...

yeah, condi at state is no surprize, though the lifers at foggy bottom must be horrified. she has the diplomatic skills of a pissed off eight year old, near as i can tell. a nice fit for n. korea's nutbag and other authoritarian leaders in the diplomatic ring. at least the meetings will be short! meanwhile, the fuckwit democrats are at it again, picking harry reid as senate minority leader. an anti-abortion casino bagman as the top dem in congress. let's take up a donation for a democratic party spine transplant.