Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thinking with the little head again?

The Smoking Gun offers the details of the $9 million palimony suit that Coco has brought against Bill Maher. She alleges various kinds of nastiness and assures us that he promised to marry her and have kids (though he has made his reputation on TV denying that he would ever do either).


The unhappy Coco
Bill (Maher) & Bill (O'Reilly). Maybe they can kiss and make up and form a little support group?

The lesson to be learned in all this is that blue state guys think with the little head just like the red state guys do, even though they think they are smarter.

"Centerfold model and former flight attendant" -- no doubt they met at a foreign policy discussion or a night class in quantum physics.

Precisely who are women with brains supposed to date if both the red guys and the blue guys prefer bimbos? Why is it that many bright and otherwise enlightened males inevitably get the hots for women whose IQ rarely registers higher than than the mean temperature in Fairbanks.

Brilliant and beautiful single women over 40 have good reason to worry that their chances of marrying are less than contracting ebola (and, yes, the there is some equivalence there), while watching some of the smartest men drive right into the ditch when choosing a mate.

Anyone have any insight into this phenomenon?

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