Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-mortem - Part 2

YOUNG PEOPLE: The youth vote last time, 17%. The youth vote this time . . . 17%. Does this mean that P. Diddy, with his Vote or Die t-shirts, will do the right thing and self-immolate? (The over-60 crowd actually increased.)

THE BLOGOSPHERE: It turns out that the Internet is great for raising money($80 million for Kerry's campaign) and lousy for getting people off their collective asses. This is the message from Howard Dean's bubble, from the rallies in Miami where Cher and Rosie O'Donnell ended up with embarrassing small crowds, and now the Kerry surge that wasn't.

Meanwhile, in fundamentalist churches natiownide, ministers were preaching about the evils of homosexuality from informational packets produced by right-wing groups organized by the Ralph Reeds of the world.

As a practical matter, how can the left compete with fundamentalist churches where the faithful get together at least once a week, often more, to reaffirm their "values"?

NEW "CENTRIST" WISDOM: Brian Williams, the new Tom Brokaw, says that the Dems are already re-thinking a way to attract the born-agains -- that the left must stop patronizing of people of faith. Yeah, great -- let's jump on the creationist bandwagon.

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frederik urshgur said...

taking the easy potshot, eh?
yeah, diddy wah piddy is an easy target, with ZERO increase in the youth vote. but how about adding bruce springsteen to the list? and dave matthews? and prrrl jam? and the usual mtv "rock the vote" self-congratulatory nonsense? ad nauseum? and how about all of us worthless academics, who hectored our captive audiences on the moral responsibility to vote (the way we want, of course...). i can exempt myself from this last pathetic group, thankfully.
all i can say, and i'll be saying it loud and proud for quite some time, is: WHERE'S YOUR RALPH NOW, LOSER FUCKS?!!! yes indeed, you can't blame ralph for this one, shrum-fucks. moderate toe sucking pander-bears. move-to-the-middle piddlers. you WASTED a real gender gap pitching for an NRA crowd of NASCAR shitheads that will NEVER vote for you!!! look at the #@$#ing map -- your moderate pitch is a FAILURE! and so the "wise ones" say "we need to examine our failure with rural voters" (j. carville) or our failure with religious nutbags. GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! not that any of this reflects on estrowhatsit (except the cheap shot on piddly diddly), as she is right on elsewise. TIME TO TEAR IT UP!